The following stories have been sent to me by my lovely clients.
Due to my promise of full confidentiality I will not disclose their identity and I am using only their initials.

D. C.

You get to a certain point in life when you don’t realize how broken you might be until you have the courage to admit it. Same thing happened to me, I knew that something was wrong, I knew that I’ve lost control but being afraid of change is what kept me in a loop and I couldn’t really get out. I was going back and forth just because I refused to admit that I was going in the wrong direction.
Cami came like a blessing in my life and helped me find motivation. She didn’t give me the answer to my problems, she made me search deep inside so I could get on to my own key, that made me get out of the loop.
Cami is sweet and charming, but sometimes she can be a little evil by pushing you a little more, outside of your comfort zone. Cami knows how to say the right thing at the right time, but she also knows when to just stay there and stare at you until you figure it out.
I highly recommend Cami if you want to change something in your life. She might help you in ways you can’t even imagine.
You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade, but I suggest you ask Cami for some help so you make something better than a lemonade.

L. L.

The most important thing I learned in my sessions with Cami is to love myself and not get into comparisons with others. This way, I stopped putting pressure on me and being my worst critic. I started to value my superpowers.
Finding Cami was a breakthrough in my self- discovering and I have to admit that it was the best thing I could do for myself. Now, I am more understanding towards myself and to others, no matter if things turn the way I expected them to or not.
The love I felt at our every session gave me confidence in me and life, and my fear and anxiety are no longer reasons that can hold me back from the job I wish, the relationship that fulfills me or happiness.

T. I.

My story of healing began in April 2018. I have met Cami through my physical therapist who was helping me treat my chronic back pain after having had two spinal surgeries. She implied that maybe my pain had emotional reasons too and that maybe I need to have a look at the psychological burden my spine is carrying. I soon decided to follow this advice thinking that at least I could get some tips on how to accept and manage my pain. I have gained so much more.

Me and Cami did indeed start our work focusing on my back pain, which after about 3 or 4 months disappeared completely. I understood that it was, in specialized language, “an internalized symptom”, which in my own words I would put it like this: I have lived with the pain for so long that I came to identify myself with it as part of ME. I had to understand that I first need to see how the pain helped until that point, and that I needed to be ready to let it go. This was hard work but I am happy that I did it. This story left me with tools that I will use in the future too. I now know that every physical symptom has an emotional background too, and that sometimes just by treating the emotional part, the body will heal itself afterwards.

The most important thing I have discovered in these years of therapy is that healing begins with self-love and self-acceptance. I realized that I perform better at any chapter in my life if I act like my own superhero. Seeing myself as a wonderful person, treating myself with love, kindness and respect has brought a better light on each day of my life. I also learned to forgive myself for any present or past mistakes, and to avoid punishing myself through so many self-sabotage behaviors which were very familiar in the past. This attitude makes me see the people around me differently, because being kind with myself came along with being kind with others too. When I accepted myself exactly how I am, I also accepted the ones around me for who they are – different people, with a different story than mine.

I came to unpack my childhood trauma in my sessions with Cami (I know trauma is a big word, but we all have them, don’t worry ). I understood that even if I don’t want to acknowledge them, they are still there, and I act in their consequence. So, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and to connect with the child that I was, many years ago. In this way we slowly identified what was painful from my past, especially from the very young years. I went from sadness and anger to forgiveness and acceptance, but this was a rocky road. I just want to mention that for me, this needed time. It had great results though, as my relationship with my parents is now a lot better than it was in the past. This brings me a lot of joy, for me it is a big accomplishment.

Therapy helped me with my compulsive eating too, and I can now easily identify a compulsive behavior when it comes along. I was always chubby in my childhood, with a big appetite for food. I have made food my friend, my support, my coping mechanism. Sure, I did end-up as an overweight adult, as I am not so lucky to have a supersonic metabolism. Although in the years since I began therapy, I haven’t yet reached my “ideal” weight, I did gain a much better relationship with food. I now know the difference from when I eat for hunger and empty stomach to when I eat for emotional distress. I have recently begun a food plan and am surprised to see myself eating clean and losing weight with JOY for the first time in my life. So yes – therapy can help with eating disorders too

Cami helped me learn the concept of boundaries, which was something completely new for me. Through therapy I understood that saying “no” is actually healthy sometimes. So, I started practicing it, I think I’m still in a shy beginning period and saying “no” still feels a bit awkward, but I hope to be an expert one day. I now know how a healthy boundary can be set: by refusing what is unfit for me, and by expressing my own needs, without any criticism to others. This has brought a better quality in my relationships: with my family, my friends, my coworkers.

Last but not least, through therapy I learned to take responsibility for everything in my life: my past and present, my decisions for my future, my physical and emotional status. I stepped out of the victim role, where everything bad was caused by others, and entered a protagonist role, where everything that happens to me is only my responsibility. This brings me peace and empowerment.

I let myself feel the whole range of emotions, even the “bad” ones like anger or sadness or even fury because they are all part of life. I try to be my own psychotherapist, to observe myself, to identify my needs, and to act accordingly. If my need is to be spoiled, and appreciated, and loved, I give myself these things and have the courage to ask them from my close ones too. Or, if my need is to sit in my pajamas for a weekend, watch sad movies and cry, I do it, and don’t feel guilty! I came to be more resilient and accept that sometimes in life, bad things happen, but I am responsible for the way I manage the hard situations.

I learned that joy can be brought to every day, by just seeing all the reasons I have to be grateful (there are so many!). Life changed. I take pride for each therapy session, as I now feel better with myself. Psychology was always a passion for me but I would have never thought psychotherapy could have such a big impact on my life.
Cami, thank you for teaching me how to help myself.
With love, T.I.

P. T.

In my therapy sessions I learned a lot of things that help my soul. First of all, I discovered that psychotherapy is as important as seeing a doctor and that it can be the best choice you could make. At first, I lacked the courage to take this step, but I did it anyway. Therefore, I learned so many beautiful lessons, in spite the fact that before I didn’t believe that you could look at your life in a different way. I had a powerful person to support me that knew exactly how to help me. Since then, my life changed for the better. One lesson I received is that life is precious and you can live it beautifully as long as you face your past and accept the things the way they were. I learned that everything has a solution, you only need to be patient and give yourself time. It is not an easy path, but step by step that long and dark hallway will soon have light. My life changed radically the moment I saw my true values, resources. Through these sessions I finally understood the importance of self-love, self-respect and being patient to yourself. Knowing what you deserve from your life and in your life is vital.
In conclusion, my sessions with Cami set a light in my path through life and helped me understand true values in life… I don’t have to be good for everyone, but to feel at peace with myself in my inner world.

O. L.

The most important lesson for me is that change has to come from me. If I am more confident others will trust me more, if I am more understanding and kind to myself, I will be able to do the same for others. Most of all, I need to accept the fact that in life it is important to be patient towards yourself and anything else. All the changes I want to make need time, so…baby steps. I discovered that I deserve to prioritize me and my wishes and to make room in my life for the things and activities that I enjoy. I am responsible for my own happiness and it doesn’t depend on a thing or event. Thank you so much, Cami, and I truly hope that our path together doesn’t stop here!

C. M.

A couple of years ago I started going to Cami’s therapy. I was young, stressed, scared and really worried. Throughout therapy I discovered lots of unresolved issues from my past. With Camelia’s help I learned how to let things go, how to focus on myself and the most important thing: how to love myself. Now I can say that I am really enjoying life and living it to the fullest. I am happy and at peace with everything that has happened. I am continuously working on myself and endlessly growing and learning, making myself a priority. But all of these things, I could not have done them without Camelia’s help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening the door for me! I will forever be grateful.

R. L.

Dear Cami, I really appreciate all your help during this year. Your insights have given me a better understanding of who I am, how things affect me and how to deal with stress better.
Thank you for your guidance and understanding.

A. P. V.

For the person who saved me. I start by thanking you. By thanking the Universe (nothing is by accident) and you, Cami, for being the person and the therapist that you are. I learned to breathe, to discover myself and to find out who I am, to live in a beautiful way and with respect towards myself, first of all. The fact that I had a friend and a confidante when the world around me was collapsing, when I didn’t know who I was and what was my purpose on this Earth, saved me in each and every way. Life is beautiful and wonderful and because of you I started to see and feel these myself. Before anything else, you are a wonderful and beautiful HUMAN BEING! Thank you!

L. O.

The decision to seek therapy is always difficult to take, because that doesn’t just mean you have to admit to yourself that you need help, but you have to admit it to someone else as well. It is always much easier to make this step once your realize that, behind that person who has the necessary resources to help you, you can also find a friend. The positivity Camelia brought to my life is hard to describe in words. I lived for most of my life being afraid, feeling guilty, feeling responsible for everything that went wrong around me and generally being depressed. I had PTSD and engaged in compulsive behavior. Therapy with Cami helps me cope with my trauma, and it helps me realize every day that I am a survivor and not a victim. I am grateful to have such a positive and joyful person supporting me and being there for me, as this has changed my life for the better in so many ways.

M. G.

From the first moment I entered the office I felt that I am in the right place, a place that would help me leave behind the chaos I used to live. I want to thank Cami, a beautiful human being, for all the help I received from her. I learned that self acceptance and love are the keys of living a beautiful and peaceful life. By giving ourselves love, kindness and forgiveness, we can see our life as a gift and not a burden. Any problem that our wacky mind creates, patterns that were set by our parents and the society and then given to us, made us, or better said, our mind, a robot that forgot about its human and pure side. Acknowledging all this information through our therapy sessions I took small but powerful steps into finding an emotional balance.

Life is beautiful and I am calm because now I know that beyond our emotions and mind, our happiness is waiting for us. Cami also helped me learn relaxation techniques. All these together changed my attitude regarding life and people. At this moment, I see life as a beautiful gift I received and I accept it the way it is. I am at peace with myself, thankful and happy that I allow gratitude to exist in all the things I have and I am. On account to our sessions, I can truly say that I am living my life here and now and I understand that the path to self discovery takes a lot of effort and attention.

A. V.

When I decided to come to you Cami, first out of love for my son, and then to give myself a chance to move forward, to heal something that it was difficult for me to accept, was the best decision I have ever taken in my life. You are a wonderful person who knows how to touch someone’s soul in a magical way, who helps him or her heal of anything. At least, this is what you did for me while we were having our sessions, for my son at first and then for me and my marriage. Looking at my son I can only feel that

I am the luckiest mother on Earth! I have a wonderful boy, super cute, intelligent and curious. And I discovered all of these thanks to you. You taught me to be proud of these qualities that make him unique. You taught me how to understand him, accept him and help him grow up so harmoniously. You helped him so much by teaching him how to make friends at school, socialize and how to be courageous to try new things. I am so grateful for all of these! At regard to me…wow… I have so many things to thank you for! So many things to be grateful for! You were like a guardian angel to me. You were the friend I’ve never had. My confidante. That person that helped me and stood by my side in the exact moment I needed.

E. B.

With the help of Cami I have managed to heal my childhood trauma and realise that I am an extraordinary mother, wife and a strong woman! Thank you, Cami, for guiding me to love, serenity and peace

C. B.

My sessions with Cami helped me understand that no matter what happens in life there is always hope. I also found myself through these sessions and the things I am capable of. I managed to change something old with something new and better.

A. S.

Seeing Cami helped me learn to appreciate myself more and to be responsible for my decisions. I learned to let go of feeling guilty for everything and it also helped me learn to say NO to something I don’t want. My life thanks to our sessions has become so peaceful. Now, I allow myself to be happy, I allow others to help me and I invest more and more in myself.

C. L.

Cami is a wonderful person and an excellent psychotherapist! By her side, I learned to listen to my thoughts and follow my own voice and not the voices of others. I also learned to accept my past. Through time, I managed to change the way I used to see things with their advantages and disadvantages, feeling happy in the present moment and looking with confidence and faith at my future!

L. M.

With every step I took in our sessions, I rediscovered myself more and more and I felt how my perspective grew. I learned how to have a more successful communication with others, how to ask what I want and how to listen in an active way. Now, my life is better because I felt something that before I only knew… when I am truly attentive I am happy. You only have to have faith… in order to change that status quo that is holding you captive. It’s simple! With patience and faith that status quo that is holding you captive will change!

R. P.

At every session with Cami I learned something new. I managed to know myself more and more, to trust and like myself even more and also my relationships with others have improved. She is so emphatic and devoted in her mission, therefore she is now a role model for my future career. Thanks to our sessions I am now gentle with myself. I believe that my life began to change at our first meeting. Now, I am more aware of my behaviour and the emotions caused by certain situations, but now instead of ignoring them the way I used to do, I am trying to understand them and handle them in a healthy way. What I like the most at my sessions with Cami is that I always feel that I am talking to a good friend that always has good advices.

A. S.

After six months of anxiety and really bad mood (and therapy also, but not very successful), a friend of mine told me about Cami and I said “Ok, I’ll give it a try”. It turned out to be the best decision ever. Cami is friendly, warm and an inspiring role model. She just brings out the best in people 🙂 Personally, I got a lot more than I’ve ever expected from the therapy sessions. I got my self confidence back, I learned to love and accept myself, to set healthy boundaries, I am now more disciplined in my work and personal life and the relationship with my partner has improved a lot. Overall, I am happier and my life has changed a lot for the better.

A. T.

Coming to Cami has helped me learn how to organize my thoughts, feelings and life so I can feel better everyday and reach happiness! Thanks to our sessions, my life has changed so much, for example the way I see my relationships with others, the way I manage my emotions and accept others, but most of all, I learned that I am the one who decides my future and choose my decisions and the one who is being responsible for them.

A. L.

My sessions with Cami helped me learn the meaning of happiness. I used to have medical treatment for my anxiety and depression. Now, I can sleep at night, stay by myself in the house and I can manage my emotions without having a panic attack!